Life Is Beautiful

By Lydia Will We are into week three and it's like she's always been here. Dad is back to work and we

Life Is Beautiful2015-06-11T14:33:48-04:00

Greatest Need

By Roxanne Smith Sunday Pastor Matt preached on Mark chapter 2. The paralyzed man in the story wanted to see Jesus, but he

Greatest Need2015-01-22T11:06:35-05:00

Building Up Dad

By Lydia Jentzen Will "Hold still...don't move!  Guys, come look at this." I'm sitting out on the lawn when he whispers in

Building Up Dad2015-05-26T13:26:58-04:00

Meet the Hein Family

By Pastor Matt Hein and Family Have you ever had to sit down and write the introduction of your family? Have you

Meet the Hein Family2014-05-01T16:40:29-04:00
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