Mission in Your Own Backyard!

by Brooke Orozco and Charlotte Unwin "Mission in your own backyard”: We took this saying literally when we moved from Paraguay, South America,

Mission in Your Own Backyard!2015-08-06T10:52:59-04:00

Life Is Beautiful

By Lydia Will We are into week three and it's like she's always been here. Dad is back to work and we

Life Is Beautiful2015-06-11T14:33:48-04:00

On Being Dull

By Krissa Rumsey I would like to thank Mark for showing me how dull I really am. Throughout the sermon series on

On Being Dull2015-03-18T12:43:41-04:00

Blessing Others

A toothbrush, toothpaste, a tuna snack pack, hand warmers, socks, Oreos, soap, and a bottle of water is what I gathered and

Blessing Others2014-12-28T21:30:02-05:00
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