God Sightings

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He Provides. He Prevails.

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By Larry Armbruster

There several times when God has “broken into my life”. About fifteen years ago, when I was working for Bayer, I was […]

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Fear. Worry. Doubt. Anxiety.

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By Krissa Rumsey

Am I a kind person? Am I generous? Do I care enough? Do I care too much? Am I involved in my […]

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A Shepherd’s Comfort

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By Dora Reader

I was in my usual seat in the band area, swabbing out my clarinet and putting it in the case. My friend […]

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Peace Beyond Understanding

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By Linda Murdock

Several times during my Dad’s end-of-life journey I could see the hand of God helping my family to make decisions about his […]

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Wake Up!

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By Becky Jungkuntz

When I was in college I really struggled with wanting God to work dramatically in my life and feeling that if He […]

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What We Need When We Need It

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By Ruth Benge

That morning in September was clear and a little crisp. It was a long and quiet two-hour drive. Feeling a little uncomfortable […]

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If God Is for Us …

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This is a look back at Austin’s trip to Uganda in February, 2013.

“Austin, my flight has been cancelled. I’m driving to Chicago to try […]