Broken Separation

By Miriam Rossow I find that when I am in the car it happens most often; or when I am doing some

Broken Separation2014-11-05T13:32:53-05:00

Starting Over

By a St. Luke member I've always loved and sometimes followed after various adventures through the years. But deep down in my

Starting Over2014-10-03T11:07:13-04:00

Walk by Faith

By Miriam Rossow We walk by faith and not by sight. That is a phrase from 2 Corinthians 5:7 that as a follower

Walk by Faith2014-06-18T12:29:33-04:00

Alzheimer’s and Edelweiss

by Ted Jungkuntz Have you ever mistakenly used the word “edelweiss” when you intended to say “Alzheimer’s”? – It happened to my wife

Alzheimer’s and Edelweiss2014-04-16T10:56:46-04:00

A Holy Week Memorial

By Jane Fink (sister-in-law to Mary Jentzen and Jim Fink) I watched a saint approach the waiting arms of Jesus on Saturday. Karl's last

A Holy Week Memorial2014-04-16T11:56:26-04:00

The Key

by Lydia Jentzen Will Growing up, I loved listening to testimonies. I found the most exciting and impressive to be those of

The Key2014-03-27T12:30:21-04:00
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