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To Israel…

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By Gail Flynn
I am traveling back to Israel because I want to see God.
Not my comfortable American God—Jesus with children on his lap, […]

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Where I Walked

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by Todd Baker

Sometimes people go on a trip and say that the trip changed their lives. That is not what I am going to […]

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My Israel Trip

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by John Moore

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the Israel trip 2012, I was hesitant to go. Although I did have a […]

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A Child Will Lead Them …

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by Claudia Gustafson

Surely if you’re a parent, you’ve had those times when God nudged you through your children?

I remember Noah coming home from preschool asking […]

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A Pilgrim Tour of Israel

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by Dan Flynn

On May 5, we depart to Israel for a nine day tour of the Holy Land. As Gail and I considered doing […]