Joining Jesus

Joining Jesus on His Mission

By Matt Hein “Jesus is up to something.” I’ve heard that phrase numerous times from people at St. Luke recently. For some

Joining Jesus on His Mission2017-01-06T00:53:53-05:00

Good, Better, Best

By Jim Sorgatz Your church staff and lay leaders recently attended a training entitled, “Joining Jesus on His Mission…How to Be an

Good, Better, Best2016-08-25T14:14:59-04:00

Love Them

By Michell Porisch I was an unintended witness recently in a hospital waiting room. I overheard a conversation….Two women, one the patient,

Love Them2016-08-31T11:26:59-04:00

I’m Just Thinking About It…

By Lynn Corker I carry around this deep conviction; I should be doing more to help/volunteer/support my community. Have you ever felt

I’m Just Thinking About It…2016-08-20T17:11:21-04:00

Joining Jesus

By Dora Reader Nearly 40 years ago, our evangelism team from a local church would sit in someone’s living room and ask

Joining Jesus2016-08-17T09:55:51-04:00
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