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Leadership Election Profiles 2019

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The Elders serve as an extension of the pastoral office. Their primary role is one of care. They assist pastors in worship and in […]

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Joining Jesus

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By Dora Reader

Nearly 40 years ago, our evangelism team from a local church would sit in someone’s living room and ask them two questions:   […]

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Introducing Jim Sorgatz

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Editor’s Note: Jim is now our part-time interim Executive Administrator. His job is to coordinate ministries and staff to make sure the day to day operations of the congregation […]

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Intentional Discipleship

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By Aaron Johnson, SLC Member at St. Luke

My wife, Kristine, and I have always been what you would call ‘good Christian people’. That is […]

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Finding a Sense of Belonging

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By Jon Bahr, Elder at St. Luke
This past Saturday, I had both the honor and pleasure of being involved in my first meeting as […]

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Multisite Update, January 2016

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It was great to see so many people from all three of our congregations come together to serve at our annual Homeless Shelter Week! Thanks […]

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Staff Support for ULC Vacancy

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By Justin Rossow

We are better together. That’s one of the fundamental principles of our multi-site congregation. We plan together. We follow Jesus together. We […]

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Election Candidates

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Adult members of all sites will be invited to vote for elder and leadership candidates on Sundays, November 9 & 16. Stop by the […]

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Mission Opportunity in Our Own Backyard! Awesome!

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By Pat Carlson

St. Luke needs a liaison willing to be trained to help lead an Easter VBS with MOST Ministries this spring in Mexicantown, […]