People of the Passion | Week 3

Download PDF Watch the Sermon Setting the Theme Think about a recent house project that didn’t go particularly well. Share that project

People of the Passion | Week 32016-02-29T12:51:04-05:00

Home Groups for Lent

Relationship. Food. Discipleship. People of the Passion. Life together. Digging into God’s Word. Neighborhood. Following Jesus. If you are part of the

Home Groups for Lent2016-02-02T15:19:07-05:00

Places of the Passion

The scenes of Lent are familiar. The Upper Room, the Garden of Gethsemane, the halls of Pontius Pilate, and the hill of

Places of the Passion2016-01-28T14:57:10-05:00

Life Together!

By Rev. Don Neuendorf, Senior Pastor St. Paul Lutheran Church - Ann Arbor, Michigan Our world is fragmented - shattered into little

Life Together!2015-02-19T15:09:34-05:00


By Lydia Jentzen Will It starts slowly, a little twinge here, a sharp shooting pain there as I go about my day.


Rituals and Traditions

Lenten Devotion for Good Friday, April 18 By Rachael Varblow The wall in the Sunday school area at St. Luke tells us

Rituals and Traditions2014-03-10T14:57:17-04:00

No Fear

Lenten Devotion for Wednesday, April 16 By Margaret Neblock Read John 19:38-42 Do you remember those “no fear” stickers, t-shirts, decals that were

No Fear2014-03-10T15:00:47-04:00

Born–Whose Decision?

Lenten Devotion for Tuesday, April 15 by Ted Jungkuntz Read John 3:1-16 Hey, kids, if you were in charge, would you choose

Born–Whose Decision?2014-03-18T20:08:02-04:00
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