Living Hope

Four Types of Healing

By Roxanne Smith Have you ever prayed for healing and felt betrayed when God’s answer was “No” or “Wait”? Have you known other

Four Types of Healing2015-06-16T22:55:40-04:00

Join the Cheer!

By Roxanne Smith God’s got a plan! God’s got a time! God cares for you! God’s got a plan! God’s got a

Join the Cheer!2015-05-21T14:34:16-04:00

Fully on Grace

By Roxanne Smith I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. The sermon just wasn’t making sense to me. I was in my

Fully on Grace2015-04-22T13:51:30-04:00

It’s Monday!

It's Monday. It is not just any Monday, it is the Monday after Spring Break. We have had a week of late

It’s Monday!2015-04-25T17:01:26-04:00


by Phil Geyer I almost always appreciate the beauty of winter, at least for a while. However, like everyone who lives in

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