Buried with Christ

By Miriam Rossow Sunday, July 17th was the 2 year anniversary of my dad’s death. I had been with my family for

Buried with Christ2016-08-01T09:49:27-04:00

Control in Chaos

By Rachel Varblow Meggie was born at six pounds, one ounce with cocaine and seven other illegal substances flowing through her veins.

Control in Chaos2015-04-01T23:20:02-04:00

A Different Christmas

By Miriam Rossow This Christmas was different. We had numerous gatherings and lots of laughter. We ate lots of traditional food: Christmas

A Different Christmas2015-01-08T09:07:31-05:00

Starting Over

By a St. Luke member I've always loved and sometimes followed after various adventures through the years. But deep down in my

Starting Over2014-10-03T11:07:13-04:00

Missing My Dad’s Funeral

By Roxanne Smith Of the many things that my disability has caused me to miss in the past 24 years, being unable

Missing My Dad’s Funeral2014-08-05T14:38:16-04:00

Meeting Jesus

By Miriam Rossow “Jesus is here!” he said as he ran towards me with eyes full of hope and excitement. It was the

Meeting Jesus2014-08-05T15:51:56-04:00

Held Together

By Lydia Jentzen Will My oldest is 11 this year, the same age I was when I entered confirmation class for the

Held Together2014-07-30T16:41:42-04:00

Letting Go of Perfection

By Kelsey Kliemola (Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2014) I remember thinking so many times, “I wish my life could be different. I wish

Letting Go of Perfection2015-05-26T13:29:41-04:00


By Megan Bahr When I was a little girl, I could always be found with my arm hooked around a baby doll. When


Help! I’m In a Crisis!

By Becky Sukach and Roxanne Smith Everyone needs help at times. Most of us like to think we have our lives fairly

Help! I’m In a Crisis!2014-04-16T11:32:59-04:00
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