Alzheimer’s and Edelweiss

by Ted Jungkuntz Have you ever mistakenly used the word “edelweiss” when you intended to say “Alzheimer’s”? – It happened to my wife

Alzheimer’s and Edelweiss2014-04-16T10:56:46-04:00

The Key

by Lydia Jentzen Will Growing up, I loved listening to testimonies. I found the most exciting and impressive to be those of

The Key2014-03-27T12:30:21-04:00

It Isn’t Fair

By Miriam Rossow "It isn't fair." We start saying this phrase almost as soon as we start talking. It isn't fair that

It Isn’t Fair2014-03-06T14:14:07-05:00

Unfulfilled Wishes

I love the Rocky Mountains. I love Glacier National Park in Montana, and I love Estes Park west of Denver. There’s nothing like

Unfulfilled Wishes2015-05-26T13:45:13-04:00

Saying Goodbye

I absolutely hate saying it. In fact, I don’t really know anyone who is OK with saying it. Some people are better than

Saying Goodbye2014-02-05T19:13:46-05:00

Seasons Gone By

By Becky Majesky Sometimes I catch myself being nostalgic about seasons gone by. True, right now I do find myself thinking of

Seasons Gone By2014-02-05T19:35:10-05:00

Life Interrupted

By Jamie Renken It was a Monday afternoon. I walked into the powder room and closed the door behind me. Three days

Life Interrupted2013-12-12T09:18:03-05:00
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