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A Different Christmas

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By Miriam Rossow

This Christmas was different. We had numerous gatherings and lots of laughter. We ate lots of traditional food: Christmas soup, Butterhorns, Bloody […]

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Jesus is the Key

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By Margaret Neblock
We had tested all of the keys we could find in and around the 100 year old home, yet none would open […]

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Unlock the Doors

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By Roxanne Smith
O Key of David and scepter of the House of Israel; What you open no one else can shut; And what you […]

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Keep Calm; Focus on Christ

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By Michelle Armbruster

Focus on Christ. This is what Advent is all about. Our message today centered on God’s desire to identify with us in […]

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Hope from a Stump

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By Lydia Jentzen Will

It’s really something to grow up in a family that follows Jesus. As a child, your parents read you bible stories […]

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Week 1 Devotion and Study Guide – O Wisdom

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By Matt Hein

Wherever you find yourself on your Advent journey, we are thankful that you have chosen to join with others across our congregation […]

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Advent: A Season of Promise

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by Matt Hein

This world has no shortage of promises that compete to capture our hearts and lives as we prepare for Christmas. Joy, fulfillment, […]