In the Eye of the Storm

By Krissa Rumsey On Sunday, Pastor Dan spoke about fear. Although I feel fortunate that I have not encountered many situations where I

In the Eye of the Storm2014-03-11T20:34:28-04:00

Jesus: Man in His Glory

By Becky Majesky Transfiguration Sunday is one of those Sundays throughout my life that has just meant what it meant--Jesus was shown

Jesus: Man in His Glory2015-05-26T13:42:03-04:00

A Glimmer of Hope

By Lydia Jentzen Will It happens in the afternoon, and not every day. The sun strikes the south side of the house

A Glimmer of Hope2014-02-27T13:00:14-05:00

Gentle and Harsh

By Andy Smith I love baseball. I've been a Detroit Tigers fan for years. I collect baseball cards as a hobby. But I

Gentle and Harsh2014-03-04T23:44:18-05:00

The Real Jesus

By Justin Rossow The season following Christmas and Epiphany in the Christian Church is often spent focused on the person and work

The Real Jesus2014-02-20T18:18:21-05:00
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