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The Great Reversal

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This Sunday the beginning of the service started in celebration. The children paraded in and out of the church pews waving their palm branches […]

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What, Me Worry?

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By Krissa Rumsey
As the mother of two daughters, I worry constantly and I worry intensely. When my girls were babies, I enjoyed them, of […]

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Our Worth in Jesus

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This weekend about 40 St. Luke couples spent Friday evening and Saturday morning Rocking Their Marriage at the Rock Your Marriage retreat. This retreat […]

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The Key

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by Lydia Jentzen Will

Growing up, I loved listening to testimonies. I found the most exciting and impressive to be those of people who weren’t […]

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Jesus as My Anchor

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By Andy Smith
Time is an ocean, alternating between calm days and stormy days. On the calm days, Jesus sails with me into adventures and […]