Sermon Series

Life Together

1 & 2 Timothy Sometimes it’s helpful to get back to the basics in order to move forward in confidence. This is

Life Together2019-06-25T15:01:31-04:00

Come, Holy Spirit

On the evening of that first Easter, the resurrected Lord appeared to his disciples in an upper room, perhaps the same place

Come, Holy Spirit2019-04-24T13:11:20-04:00

The Red Letter Challenge

What would change if you immersed yourself in the words spoken by Jesus for 40 days? How would Jesus shape your life

The Red Letter Challenge2019-01-10T11:01:53-05:00

Be Kind. Be Present.

By Miriam Rossow Be kind. Be present. These are things we teach our children. These are basic life skills that allow you

Be Kind. Be Present.2018-05-22T15:50:23-04:00

42 Seconds

By Justin Rossow 42 seconds. That's less than a minute. That's like, 50 heartbeats (for me), or 2 push ups (for me).

42 Seconds2018-04-12T13:23:39-04:00

Vibrant Worship

By Justin Rossow I distinctly remember watching the Detroit Lions play football sometime in the mid-70s on a portable black and white

Vibrant Worship2016-09-01T14:49:38-04:00
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