All of Me

By Miriam Rossow There is a song by John Legend called All of Me that I love! It seems crazy to have

All of Me2018-10-08T08:58:24-04:00

Dancing with Jesus

By Miriam Rossow This summer I spent a lot of time enjoying God’s creation. I spent time at my neighborhood pool just

Dancing with Jesus2018-09-17T09:05:43-04:00


By Miriam Rossow Death is ugly. It doesn’t seem to matter if the death is expected or unexpected. It doesn’t seem to


Buried with Christ

By Miriam Rossow Sunday, July 17th was the 2 year anniversary of my dad’s death. I had been with my family for

Buried with Christ2016-08-01T09:49:27-04:00

A Grace Filled Yearning

I love being with people. I love being in relationships. I love hanging out, laughing, eating, and sharing life together. Hospitality or

A Grace Filled Yearning2016-06-30T09:17:22-04:00

Not What I Thought

By Steve Wiechman To be completely honest, deep down in the unspoken recesses of my soul, by now I had thought we

Not What I Thought2015-07-17T11:14:13-04:00
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