The Lifting Fog

By Miriam Rossow Recently I was in a funk. You know the kind of funk where you are irritable, crabby, and depressed

The Lifting Fog2015-06-05T08:19:16-04:00

Join the Cheer!

By Roxanne Smith God’s got a plan! God’s got a time! God cares for you! God’s got a plan! God’s got a

Join the Cheer!2015-05-21T14:34:16-04:00

Shepherds Can Be Tough

By Andy Smith If you've been in a church--any church--for more than about fifteen minutes, you've probably heard something about a shepherd.

Shepherds Can Be Tough2014-06-04T23:00:57-04:00

Byron’s Last Sermon

By Jeff Greunke John 10:27-28 My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal

Byron’s Last Sermon2013-12-12T07:42:26-05:00

An Intentional Eye

By Ryan Peterson I didn't really know Byron. I knew his daughter Sarah, as we had attended Concordia University Wisconsin together years ago.

An Intentional Eye2013-12-10T13:31:25-05:00

Holding Fast

By Becky Majesky One of the really great things about belonging to a multi-site church is that we’re a community blessed with three

Holding Fast2013-12-10T13:33:36-05:00
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