Saying Goodbye

I absolutely hate saying it. In fact, I don’t really know anyone who is OK with saying it. Some people are better than

Saying Goodbye2014-02-05T19:13:46-05:00

Seasons Gone By

By Becky Majesky Sometimes I catch myself being nostalgic about seasons gone by. True, right now I do find myself thinking of

Seasons Gone By2014-02-05T19:35:10-05:00

A Changed Heart

As I chased my 3 year old around the house trying to convince him to put his socks and shoes on so

A Changed Heart2014-02-03T10:59:58-05:00

Vision Extended

By Pastor Ted Jungkuntz The message this week caught us up in the story of how God extended Peter’s vision (via a

Vision Extended2014-01-22T15:38:59-05:00

Why I Stay!

By Dhananjaya Premawardena When I was a small child, my mother went to a lot of different churches. As an enthusiastic Protestant

Why I Stay!2014-01-22T08:02:46-05:00


By Lydia Jentzen Will When you find that sweet spot, that impossibly perfect moment - the temptation is to stay there.  Set


A Warrior Called by God

By Bridget Wolk God has given me tests throughout my life. It seems He is always trying to get my attention. The scariest

A Warrior Called by God2014-02-05T21:17:43-05:00

Give Me a Sign!

By Miriam Rossow In 1998 Justin and I were living happily in Mt. Clemens, Mich., both working at Trinity. I was the

Give Me a Sign!2014-02-05T21:25:22-05:00
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