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What About Therapy?

I know of no one who doesn’t confront overwhelming circumstances or simply need to talk to someone over life issues at one

What About Therapy?2018-10-22T11:08:30-04:00

Is This Really About Coffee?

by Roxanne Smith It was going to be a special weekend. Our son Jakob was coming home from college. He and my

Is This Really About Coffee?2015-11-02T09:06:11-05:00

U-Serve – Fall 2015

By Matt Hein U-Serve – Fall 2015 Connecting with other followers of Jesus in discipling relationships is one of the most important

U-Serve – Fall 20152015-09-24T07:58:36-04:00

Four Types of Healing

By Roxanne Smith Have you ever prayed for healing and felt betrayed when God’s answer was “No” or “Wait”? Have you known other

Four Types of Healing2015-06-16T22:55:40-04:00

The Three-Legged Stool

By Roxanne Smith Depression is a terrible thing. When one struggles with depression they are caught in a world of hopelessness. The depression takes

The Three-Legged Stool2015-05-08T22:06:18-04:00

Missing My Dad’s Funeral

By Roxanne Smith Of the many things that my disability has caused me to miss in the past 24 years, being unable

Missing My Dad’s Funeral2014-08-05T14:38:16-04:00

Walls To Tear Down

By Becky Jungkuntz We want to thank you again for your generous support of our mission trip to Bethlehem, Palestine. God’s grace

Walls To Tear Down2014-07-09T17:09:36-04:00
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