Summer Family Discipleship

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Summer Discipleship Round-up

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Thank you to all who wrote such inspiring posts for our Summer Discipleship series …. so many great viewpoints, ideas, and truths were shared.

If […]

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Over Scheduled, Under Scheduled, and Full of Guilt

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By Miriam Rossow

I sat in the car, I drove, and I cried. I prayed. I wanted to know why this guilt and feeling was […]

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Finding the Beauty in Man

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By Rachael Varblow

Hiking down a mountain in Woodstock, VT, I was surrounded by the splendor of creation. Wild daisies and Sweet William intermixed with ferns […]

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A Plain Old Book

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By Lauren Fink

After her harsh winter and wobbly spring, Michigan outdoes herself in summer. Our trees, fields and flower beds burst with activity, and the […]

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Mid-Summer Already!?

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By Jennifer Hein

Summer bucket list!
Summer reading list!
Pool passes!
Zoo excursions!
Summer camp!
Vacation and staycation!
Meaningful time with friends, family, neighbors!
Household projects and yardwork!
Gardening and landscaping!
Campfires, s’mores, fireworks!
Road […]

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Training up a Child

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By Megan Bahr

I am a mom of four precious gifts from God. And I am confident that parents know their children better than anyone, and their love for […]

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Family Discipleship: Road-Trip Style

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By Krissa Rumsey

I love car rides and road trips. The longer, the better. When I consider why I love them so much, I think […]

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July 4th: Family Time

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July 4th has always been a big family gathering time. My parents were actually married on the 4th of July so we would celebrate […]

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Disconnecting to Reconnect

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By Bill Pemberton

Everyone’s lives are hectic and filled with technological distractions, and my family is no exception. Smart phones, computers, TVs, and tablets are […]

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Michigan Bucket List: Building Summer Memories

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By Amy Balzer-Pemberton

Ah, Summer is finally here and I keep thinking, we’ll have time for ALL the things on our Bucket List. Yeah, right. […]