Summer Family Discipleship

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Summer Season

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By Becky Majesky

I don’t get summer vacation. I admit to being a little bit envious of those who do. I used to, and I occasionally […]

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Prayer on the Go

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By Justin Rossow

One of the blessings of going through Confirmation with my family this year has been a prayer relationship with my kids. It took […]

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“The Story that We Tell When We’re Walking in the Dark”

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By Andy Smith

As a father, I had and have lots of goals for my son, but even before he was born, I wanted him […]

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An Ongoing Conversation with God (a simple way for families)

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By Steve and Jamie Wiechman
An Invitation In Your Chaos
We are a family of six. Chaos is a frequent visitor. Trying to “schedule” anything on […]