Trusting Relationships

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Celebrating Relationships – Tables for 8

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By Matt Hein

Smoke was rising from the grill as the smell of sizzling ribs filled the air. Cheesy potatoes, a carefully prepared salad, coleslaw […]

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You’re the 2nd Most Important Thing in My Life…

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By Ben Meyers

Last week my wife Chelsea and I were able to join several others from St. Luke at a 2-day marriage retreat located […]

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Financial Restlessness

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By Susie Gay

Life is full of restlessness, isn’t it?

Personally, I think I’ve always been restless, especially since graduating from college. I spent years training […]

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Losing (and Finding) Your Place

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by Michell Porisch

I lost my place when Byron passed away on November 17, 2013. I became a widow.

There was an empty chair at our […]

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Moving Past Selfie Prayer

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By Jason Hallman
There, one row up and across the aisle, I watched a young woman snap a selfie with her smartphone.  Our plane was […]

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Finding a Sense of Belonging

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By Jon Bahr, Elder at St. Luke
This past Saturday, I had both the honor and pleasure of being involved in my first meeting as […]

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Don’t Hike Alone

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By Matt Hein

Once upon a time I was quite adventurous, even daring! Mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and wilderness backpacking filled my free moments for […]