Growing Anticipation

By Rebecca Hasey, Vision Pathway Team member Skeptical. That was me. When I learned that we were bringing in an outside consultant

Growing Anticipation2017-05-13T14:12:21-04:00

Wet Cement

By Jeff Meyer, Vision Navigator Your Vision Pathway Team invites you to join them on the journey as God's Dream for St.

Wet Cement2017-02-11T10:10:15-05:00

Golden Dissonance

By Lauren Fink No one begs for dissonance. When an argument begins with a good friend, you can feel it swell. You

Golden Dissonance2016-12-08T18:06:00-05:00

Vision Groundwork

By Justin Rossow As we seek a clearer expression of St. Luke’s purpose, we don't want a generic, vague vision that any

Vision Groundwork2016-11-16T13:01:48-05:00

The Vision Frame Process

By Pastor Randy Miller Editor's Note: St. Luke is beginning a visioning process with Auxano, a vision consulting team. I recently had a

The Vision Frame Process2016-10-05T13:15:05-04:00

Our Unique Vision

By Matt Hein Uniqueness is all around us. The night sky reveals a myriad of star constellations, each unique from the rest.

Our Unique Vision2016-08-31T10:00:57-04:00
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