Word With Friends

Persistent Prayer

By Judy Moyer Jesus’ ending remark in the parable of the persistent widow is, “shall not God avenge his own elect, which

Persistent Prayer2013-11-11T14:37:14-05:00

Immigrants in Christ

By Dhananjaya Premawardena Having a faith tradition in a family can be a wonderful asset to maintaining a better faith walk. A lot

Immigrants in Christ2013-12-12T09:19:51-05:00

Best Friends Forever

By Miriam Rossow My best friend and her family were in town for a week. It was wonderful. There was laughter and

Best Friends Forever2013-12-12T08:43:50-05:00

Giving Thanks

By Winslow Fox In his sermon yesterday, Scott mentioned about the ten lepers being healed, and only one returning to give Jesus

Giving Thanks2013-11-11T14:40:13-05:00

Fall on Your Knees

By Bridget Wolk “I’m sorry Mrs. Wolk, you have breast cancer.” My husband and I freeze in disbelief. My children flash in

Fall on Your Knees2013-11-11T14:40:38-05:00

Words from a Tyrant

By Dhananjaya Premawardena When you have a group of history majors come together, a lot of things can happen.  Sometimes, you can all

Words from a Tyrant2013-12-12T09:20:19-05:00

Seven Times Seven

My boys behave badly in church.  We have weeks when they talk, when they wiggle or play with distracting things.  But sometimes

Seven Times Seven2013-11-11T14:42:04-05:00

Lazarus At The Gate

By Marilyn Granner How would You have me serve You with the unique gifts You have given me? I am the rich man.

Lazarus At The Gate2013-11-11T14:42:31-05:00
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