See What Condition

By Andy Smith In 1968, the First Edition had a hit song called “I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition

See What Condition2015-06-17T20:48:30-04:00

Jesus Is Big Enough

By Miriam Rossow Something has changed in me recently. I have noticed it my relationships and in my conversations. I have noticed

Jesus Is Big Enough2015-06-29T11:20:36-04:00

The Lifting Fog

By Miriam Rossow Recently I was in a funk. You know the kind of funk where you are irritable, crabby, and depressed

The Lifting Fog2015-06-05T08:19:16-04:00

Join the Cheer!

By Roxanne Smith God’s got a plan! God’s got a time! God cares for you! God’s got a plan! God’s got a

Join the Cheer!2015-05-21T14:34:16-04:00

Holy Work

By Lydia Jentzen Will My Mama used to tell me that God was a God of order, sending me up to clean

Holy Work2015-04-30T11:26:22-04:00

Fully on Grace

By Roxanne Smith I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. The sermon just wasn’t making sense to me. I was in my

Fully on Grace2015-04-22T13:51:30-04:00

It’s Monday!

It's Monday. It is not just any Monday, it is the Monday after Spring Break. We have had a week of late

It’s Monday!2015-04-25T17:01:26-04:00

Control in Chaos

By Rachel Varblow Meggie was born at six pounds, one ounce with cocaine and seven other illegal substances flowing through her veins.

Control in Chaos2015-04-01T23:20:02-04:00
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