Dear ones,

We will worship this Sunday as we have been: We will gather live in our sanctuary at 8:30 and 10:15 a.m., and our livestream will be available in real time, or uploaded to YouTube later.

I encourage all of you to be aware of the changes that have developed in our County this week regarding COVID-19. The Washtenaw County Health Department has determined that COVID-19 transmission in our County has reached the “substantial” level. Find out more about that here.

This Sunday, if the situation remains at “substantial” level, we are free as individuals or families to decide whether to wear masks or not and to practice safe distancing or not. As of this writing, we have not been informed by the County that such measures are absolutely necessary. As we have been following the recommendations and directions of our State and County regarding COVID, if we learn that it is absolutely necessary to wear masks and practice safe distancing indoors at gatherings, that is what we’ll do.

For now, I plan to wear a mask inside our facility when I’m not leading worship and preaching in the chancel by the altar. I encourage all of you to pray and dialogue with your loved ones about how you will respond to the news our County has shared.

We will celebrate communion as we have been; individual packets will continue to be available if you wish to commune at your seat this week.

Please join me in praying for our health care providers and their families, that they will be blessed with endurance, patience, and the presence of the Lord when families are missing their loved ones who are working overtime in hospitals and health care facilities. Let’s do everything we can to ensure that our hospital beds, ICU units, and emergency rooms aren’t filled to capacity with COVID-19 patients.

Let’s also be in prayer for those who are at high risk of infection, that they will be blessed with health, and for ourselves, that we will act lovingly and selflessly, willing to take precautions that are best for them when we are together.

Whatever you choose, don’t choose to not worship.

This is the time to worship, whether live or online, because it is in worship that the grace of God flows with all its power to give us the renewal of faith we need for times such as these.

Please check in, live or livestream, by texting attend, give, or pray to our number: 734.720.8081 so we know you are safe, well, and thriving in the faith. In fact, add that number to your cell phone with a label you’ll remember, to make it easy to attend, give, and/or pray.

If the situation changes further, I’ll be in touch. Feel free to connect with me for questions or clarifications: 314.795.9539 or


Pastor John