Dear members of St. Luke:

Thank you for your overwhelming support for Concordia University Ann Arbor through your prayers and gifts to support students in our School of Nursing!

Your quarterly mission contributions totaled $6,051.37, which provides five individual Adopt-a-Student scholarships. The first three scholarships have been awarded to Breann June, Lexie Hall, and Katie Macinnis, and your most recent gift will soon support two more nursing students. WOW!

But you didn’t stop there.

You blessed every single nursing student during finals week with 130 incredibly well-stocked care packages! The students absolutely loved them, and felt so special to be cared for in such a tangible and meaningful way. Your project was so inspiring to Concordia, it made headlines in a recent feature story: Local congregation cares for Concordia nursing students in an intentional way.

Most meaningful of all was knowing that you prayed for each nursing student by name. Our mission is to train our students “in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and in the world.” You have truly partnered together with us to provide for our students in mind (academic scholarships!), body (finals food!), and spirit (individual prayers and cards of encouragement!).

Thanks be to God for your joyful generosity for Concordia, especially your overflowing hearts for our nursing students!

God’s abundant blessings,