Dear Friends at St. Luke:

At this moment of independence for Living Water Church, we cannot forget our beginning, the foundation upon which our church is built: Our brothers and sisters in Christ, the St. Luke Community of Believers. It was you who supported us; you who encouraged us, exhorting us to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit; who prayed for us, carrying us always in your hearts; who shared your wisdom, shedding its light so that we would not falter; who had faith in us, knowing we were laboring hand-in-hand at the work of our Father in Heaven.

As we take our fledgling steps as a newly-formed congregation, it is in the full knowledge that we would not be here, but for the single-minded efforts of St. Luke. And for that, we are compelled to express gratitude and thanks to all of you, for all of your efforts, over all of the past years.

We look forward to being partners with you, as we proceed in our mission to fulfill the Great Commission.

Sincerely and In His Service,

Living Water Lutheran Church of Whitmore Lake