By Janette Haak

“For years we prayed to God for the blessing of a child. God was waiting for the right child to be placed in our arms. God answered our prayers 21 years ago when you were born. “

This was just part of the blessing we spoke last week to our daughter Rachael when we had the opportunity to visit with her in California. She took a long weekend off from school and we shared some time together.

Dave and I wrote the Blessing together and placed our hands on her as her “Daddy-O” spoke the words we so carefully worded. She treasured the words and blessing we gave her and I am pretty sure she will keep the written words we gave her and cherish them.

There’s a saying that silence is golden, but I don’t really think that is always true. Just as you can share positive words of encouragement, the lack of the same can be very devastating. I recently read a very insightful book by John Trent, The Blessing. I learned so much about the importance of a blessing through this book and I want to share it with our families at St. Luke.

On Sunday, Nov. 16 during the Sunday school hour, I will be teaching you the 5 practical steps in preparing a Blessing for a child or any family member.

This class is for everyone… not just families with small children still at home. It is never too late to give a blessing to your children. You can use these same tips for writing a blessing for a grandchild, a niece or nephew or a God Child. You can even write one for your spouse.

It is never too late to give a blessing to your children.

Please plan to join our class on Nov. 16 in rooms 1 & 2 in the lower level to learn more. I look forward to seeing you. If you can’t make it or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Janette Haak.

The featured image was taken by Elisa Schulz and used with permission. Too see more of her work visit her FB page here. Elisa is a local photographer who enjoys working with families to capture special moments. She loves to photograph God’s creation. You will always find Elisa with her camera!