By Janette Haak

It all began so innocently.  “You don’t want this bracelet?”  I said, “It’s so pretty.”  I questioned Rachael as we were digging through years of her belongings as she prepared for her first year away at college.

And so it began.  “Well, I’ll keep it, and wear it every day as a reminder to pray for you at school.”  The first couple of times I prayed, it was through tears. And then it got better and easier as I relied on God to take care of my precious daughter on her new adventure.

I have to admit, I soon grew tired of wearing the same bracelet. Frankly it didn’t always match… What’s a mom to do?  I started buying new bracelets… so many colors, shapes and designs, it was so much fun!  Now I have a bracelet for every day and every occasion.

Over time, my prayer bracelet has evolved past just praying for Rachael, I pray for my family and friends near and far.  I also pray for myself.  I pray for our church and the church family and I pray for my children’s spouses (whoever they may be). I find I have even begun to pray for people in my life who don’t know Jesus. That simple bracelet has helped me grow in who I pray for and why.

Our current sermon series is about how we talk about discipleship at our church: Reach Up, Reach In, and this last week is Reach OUT.  I’m thankful for the evolution of Rachael’s bracelet. It has given me new eyes to see “out.”

What are the things you do to reach OUT to the community?