By Pastor Randy Miller

Editor’s Note: St. Luke is beginning a visioning process with Auxano, a vision consulting team. I recently had a chance to sit down with a Michigan LCMS pastor and friend, Rev. Randy Miller, from Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Bloomfield Hills. Randy has not only been through the Auxano visioning process, he has also been certified as a trainer in an Auxano tool called the “Vision Frame.” I asked Randy to share some of his thoughts and experiences with this vision process as we begin our journey here at St. Luke. The following is what he shared, and makes me even more excited to be in this process with you!

Pastor Justin Rossow 

Dear friends at St. Luke,

Imagine your heart leaping when you say the mission of your church.

Imagine having the confidence knowing your every action helps move your congregation forward to a daring destination.

Picture yourself having coffee with a friend.  When they ask you, “What is St. Luke Lutheran Church all about?” you can paint a stunningly clear picture showing them the story of God’s hand at St. Luke.

This kind of enthusiastic clarity is what I have seen the Auxano Vision Frame experience provide.  I have seen eyes light up and I have heard voices raised in excitement about the compelling vision God placed in the heart of each church I have served in my nearly 15 years of pastoral ministry.

God creates each congregation as a unique community of believers.  We see the unique thumbprint of God expressed in a variety of ways.  Consider how unique each of the 12 tribes of Israel were.  Think about the variety of backgrounds and people in the 12 disciples of Jesus.  Or, take a read through Revelation chapters 2 and 3 and notice how the same message was personally communicated in a unique way to each of the 7 different churches.

Jesus has always been creating unique communities of faith who live out His mission to reach the lost. St. Luke Lutheran Church is no exception.  The visioning experience you are just beginning as a congregation intends to equip you to clearly articulate God’s unique thumbprint upon St. Luke Lutheran Church.

I have used the Auxano Vision Frame in my own ministry, and I always find it engaging. Let me share just a little more about the process.

auxano-vision-frame-2The first side of the frame is your Mission. This is your guiding north star that guides every conversation, decision, and action.

The second side of the frame is your Values.  Values express your heartfelt convictions.

The third side of the frame is your Strategy. Think of strategy like a map: it shows you the path, how to reach your destination.

The fourth side of the frame is your Measures. Measures are the indicators that describe a disciple at St. Luke.

Put these 4 sides together, and you discover a clear and compelling picture of who St. Luke Lutheran Church is created to be.

I have seen this vision process expand God’s Kingdom in many tangible ways. Below is a quick snapshot of God’s miraculous work that I’ve experienced in my current congregation as well as in previous congregations I’ve served:

  • Preschool and Childcare program maxed out the facility’s capacity and had an extensive waiting list
  • Stabilized budgets by getting current on past-due bills and to eventually realize surpluses
  • Despite the economic recession, income increased by 29% and the average worship contribution increased by 33%
  • Doubled the amount of volunteers mobilized for mission efforts
  • Integrated facility efficiencies to shift more funds towards missions and ministry
  • Improved communication
  • Healthier small groups that lead to launching more healthy small groups launching
  • Increased number of baptisms year-over-year

You are on an incredible journey.  Stay focused on Jesus and watch as a beautiful picture is unveiled of your church’s identity and direction. I am excited to see what Jesus is going to do at St. Luke!


Pastor Randy Miller

Rev. Randy Miller, an ordained LCMS minister, serves Cross of Christ Lutheran Church LCMS in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Pastor Miller is a strategic visionary who enjoys empowering teams and leaders to live out God’s calling for their lives. 

Pastor Miller, a graduate of Concordia–Ann Arbor, is certified in Auxano’s Vision Frame and Horizontal Storyline experiences as well as in  Strategic Planning the Paterson Center.  Pastor Miller and his family reside in Waterford, MI.