Lent is important; life is busy. We can help.

The Thy Will Be Done Pre-Lenten Preaching Workshop will put resources in your hand to help you invite your congregation to lean into God’s will through worship and daily prayer in Lent. But more than that, the training provided at the workshop and reinforced through sermon manuscripts and outlines will help you expand your preaching repertoire.

Reinvigorate your preaching and tackle Lent, all at the same time. Register today.


[one-third-first]Quality Resources

Four distinct resources will be provided or available for purchase at the workshop. All together, they cover all the sermons from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, with a discipling prayer for every day in between. Check out this Overview of Resources.[/one-third-first][one-third]Themes and Readings

January may be a bit late for you to start planning your Lent. Or maybe we are beating your February 1st deadline. Either way, you can check out the primary text and topic for each of the Sunday, Midweek, and Holy Week services here: Sermon Themes.[/one-third][one-third]Sermon Structures

Whether you were introduced to sermon structures at Sem a while ago, or you wouldn’t know Wilson’s Four Pages from a Lowry Loop, attending to workshop and modifying the sermon materials for your use will help you expand your view of your preaching ministry. If it’s been a while, check out this Overview of Sermon Structures.[/one-third]


“Lord Jesus Christ, do not leave me to my own understanding. Let me now enter into that holy darkness with Saul, where my assumptions about what makes me right or good or religious can come under Your scrutiny. Show me where my vision is at odds with Yours. Cause the scales to fall from my eyes, that I may emerge from the dark strengthened in my witness and utterly dependent on Your grace. Conform my mind and will to Yours. Amen.”

–Prayer for Thursday, Fourth Week of Lent, Thy Will Be Done prayer booklet



Justin Rossow is Senior Pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The focus of his PhD in Theology and Culture was preaching an image-rich text in an image-rich culture. Metaphor theory and its implications for preaching and discipleship have shaped his approach to homiletics and parish ministry. For more, visit justinrossow.com.



[one-half-first]Texas Registration

Dates and Locations:
Concordia University Texas (Jan. 9);
Trinity, Houston (Jan. 10);
Lamb of God, Flower Mound (Jan. 11)

Cost: Online Pre-Registration $25. At the Door $35.

Register at: Concordia.edu/Workshop

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[/one-half-first][one-half]Michigan Registration

Date and Location: Saturday, January 20 at St. Luke, Ann Arbor, MI

Time: registration, 9:00 to 9:30 a.m.; workshop, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; lunch provided

Cost: $50 for pastors (includes sermon packet); $25 for Lay Leaders/Staff/Volunteers (no sermon packet included)

Register at: StLukeAA.org/TWBD

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