We learn better when we engage the same content in a variety of different ways. The Lenten series Thy Will Be Done is designed to help both preachers and hearers have a variety of experiences that help them take a next step on their faith journey. Some of the resources come with admission to the workshop; others are available for purchase; but all of them work together to encourage your hearers to personally engage in Lenten worship and personal prayer. And they are designed to help the preacher hone skills in sermon design that will pay dividends well beyond Easter Sunday.

The following four resources are designed to be used together. Each can also stand alone. You can tailor your Lenten experience to fit your congregation.

1. Thy Will Be Done Sunday Sermon Manuscripts
This packet of Sunday sermon manuscripts comes with admission to the Pre-Lent Preaching workshop and covers all of the Sundays of Lent as well as Easter Sunday. Written by parish pastors and homiletics professors, these sermons cover a variety of sermon structures while exploring biblical texts related to God’s will being done in our lives.

You can see a sample of the Sunday sermon packet included in the workshop here.

2. Thy Will Be Done Midweek and Holy Week Worship Services, Monologs, and Sermon Outlines
Published through Creative Communications for the Parish, this Lenten worship pack will be available for $39.99 at the workshop or can be ordered online http://www.creativecommunications.com.

These Lenten midweek services look at the themes from Sunday through the lens of “Thy Will Be Done” moments experienced by characters in the biblical story. From the sacrifice of Isaac to the conversion of St. Paul, these character studies explore the theme in greater detail. The worship pack includes liturgical settings with music suggestions for all of the midweek and holy week services, monologs for use in worship, and two sermon outlines with different sermon structures based on the theme for the day, as well as full sermon manuscripts for Palm Sunday, Good Friday Tenebrae, and Easter Sunday.

For an overview of how Sunday, Midweek, and Holy Week themes fit together, click here.

You can see a sample of the Lenten Series kit here, or the Holy Week kit here.


3. Thy Will Be Done Daily Prayer Booklet
Designed for personal use in the congregation, this prayer booklet integrates the verses and themes from Sunday and midweek worship into the daily life of the congregation. Monday and Thursday prayers echo the prayers from worship the day before. “Thy will be done,” is a prayer of spiritual formation, prayed in dependence on God’s Word, and connected intimately to the Lenten theme. These prayer booklets are available through St. Luke Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor for $1 each, and will be available with no shipping cost at the workshop.


4. Taking Worship Home
Discussion questions help take the themes from worship into the daily lives of God’s people. Both the Sunday Sermon packet and the Midweek Worship resource include conversation starters and more in-depth discipling questions to help plant the Word deep in the hearts and lives of your people as they follow Jesus together.

Combined, these Lenten resources will equip you with 30 different sermons, sermon structures, or monologs written by 7 different preachers and teachers in the Church. The goal is a Lent that unifies your congregation around the prayer Thy Will Be Done and provides excellent resources to help you add another layer of depth to your preaching preparation.

“Hosanna! Save us! Today I join my praise to that joyful Palm Sunday procession! But I also see You weeping, Jesus, evan as You enter Your capital city as king. So I join my grief to Yours: grief over my unwillingness to be gathered under Your wing. King Jesus, turn my heart away from my own agenda for Your rule, and let Your kingdom come to me in grace this day. Your will be done. Amen.”

–Prayer for Palm Sunday, Thy Will Be Done daily prayers for Lent

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