Today we have handed the keys to a guest blogger. Recording artist Tim Timmons shares with us a word on Matthew 6. Timmons will visit St. Luke-Ann Arbor on Wednesday, October 9, with All Sons & Daughters.

By Tim Timmons

Do you know anyone who has actually taken Jesus up on His invitation in Matthew 6, where He says, “Consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. How much do I take care of them…So don’t worry about what you eat or what you wear…Don’t worry about tomorrow.”

Think about it again, do you know anyone who has actually put Jesus’ invitation to the test and lived to tell about it? I can name people I know that live like this on one hand.

TimmonsFor the past few weeks I’ve been confronted with this question of utter trust. It may even be more primal than trust, it’s desperate dependence. Do I have the gall to not just dip my toe into Jesus’ promise but to fully lean into Him with the same reckless abandon as a skydiver takes a step into mid air. You with me on this?

Touring as a new artist on a bill with 8 other well established artist isn’t the easiest endeavor. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my experience and was so honored to have that role yet I just have a babe of wife and 4 kids to provide for back at home. The way I make money in this line of work is through selling CDs, shirts, bracelets, pictures of my beard and hopefully someday selling life sized mannequins of myself. After I pay everyone their share I end up with a percentage of the sale. Ok- this is not a class on business just a little background!

My road manager came up to me one night and said “ Tim you did great tonight. You sold 82 CDs!” I responded with “ thanks for your help bro, but everyone else sells millions of their CDs a night…I just want hit 100 one of these nights.” All the while I am fighting the tendency to make this all about me and my kingdom. Jesus has not commissioned me to sell CDs and merch in this next season. He has specifically commissioned me to be a missionary to Christians and to lift of the revolution of simply Jesus. (side note: that’s why I write an X on my wrist everyday reminding me who’s Kingdom I work for and belong to! That’s another blog post…)

Back to the story: The busses rolled into Spokane, WA on a Sunday morning which meant an early show, which meant low attendance for my portion of the show, which meant less people to introduce to Jesus, which also meant low sales etc. Yup gross math for a follower of Jesus.

On a run with a fellow tour mate, we talked through what it would look like to actually trust Jesus with His promises in Matt 6. Do I have the cajones to say “Jesus, you say to simply trust that you are God and I am not. You take care of the lilies and birds and how much more do you love me and my family then those things. King Jesus, as a citizen of Your Kingdom, today I will jump into your care and provision.”

Well that night, as I was playing, the arena was literally packed out and I sold 100 CDs. Not 93 or 105, but 100 CDs on the dot (note to self: next time aim higher when dreaming with Jesus!)

I’m not yet ready to completely jump out of that plane into the providence of Jesus, but I am getting closer everyday.

What if Jesus is still alive and well and on the move? What if He could be trusted with every aspect?

Join Tim Timmons and All Sons & Daughters for a night of worship. 

Visit the Tim Timmons website for information about Tim and his journey.

Listen to Tim Timmons’ song Cast My Cares.