In 2014, our blog saw 121 members (yes, you read that correctly. One hundred twenty-one!) of our community contribute to more than 330 articles. Truly we have a huge stable of talented writers in our multi-site community. As we put 2014 in our rearview mirror, we take a look back at the articles that were the most read, shared and liked from our blog.


1_2014Victoria Osteen & Idolatry by Justin Rossow

The controversial comments by the wife of famed self-help preacher Joel Osteen reverberated around the church. Pastor Rossow responds to the comments and reactions and shares what the Bible says about worship. If you enjoyed this article, read more articles from Pastor Rossow such as I Was Baptized by a Nazi Spy, Sometimes It’s Not Your Fault or Robin Williams Facebook Trending.


2_2014On Taking a Call by Scott Giger

2014 saw much change at the St. Luke Lutheran Church multi-site, none greater than the departure of Pastor Scott Giger for his new ministry at Carmel Lutheran Church in Carmel, Indiana. In this article, Scott gives a glimpse into the call process from a pastor’s perspective.



3_2014Job Lost; Peace Found by Lydia Jentzen Will

Lydia Jentzen Will opens up about how she and her family found rest in the arms of Jesus in the wake of a job loss. Read more of Lydia’s wonderful writing in her articles such as Stay, How To Parent When You’re a Hypocrite, or Hope From a Stump.



4_2014My Wife Drives Me Crazy by Brad Garrison

Brad Garrison chose an unusual title for his article about his wife of 43 years, but he beautifully illustrates forgiveness, grace, and unconditional love. For more articles about relationships and marriage, check out The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Marie Rose and Valentines Day Reflections by Mike Maynard.



5_2014Once a Mother, Always a Failure by Rachael Varblow

Rachael Varblow tells the story of how a random comment poked at her soft tissue, and goes right at the fear of every mother, failure. Read more of Rachael’s writing in her articles Knowing God or Shaping Kids Through Homeschool.



6_2014Written Is The Story… An Interview with Kip Fox by Greg Sharp

Greg Sharp introduces us to Lutheran songwriter Kip Fox as they explore his background in the church and inspiration for songs we sing on Sundays like This Dust & The King Is Calling. Read more from Greg with articles such as The Ferguson Filters, What’s In It For Me & Great Reward.


Tell the Ugly Parts7_2014 by Christine Darragh

All of us has the dark side we would prefer to hide from the world. Christine Darragh tells how her unexpected motherhood has challenged that thinking and how God is refining her through her weakness. Read more of Christine’s writing in her articles Hopelessness and Thin Veil.



8_2014Starting Over by Anonymous

A member of our church community shares her guilt and anguish over her abortion and while that decision made her want to separate herself from Jesus, not even that could separate her from His unending love. Read another article about a woman confronted with an unplanned pregnancy, Incarnation & Conception by Ruth Menge.



9_2014cMeeting Jesus by Miriam Rossow

Sometimes we need the innocent faith of a child to remind us of Christ’s presence in our lives. Miriam Rossow shares a story of how her 3-year old spoke words of comfort in a time of grief. Read more articles by Miriam like Managers, Not Owners, Broken Separation, and The Love Letter.



10_2014bWhen God Calls You To Sacrifice the Desires of Your Heart by Lynn Corker

Lynn Corker tells a tale of faithfulness in the face of the realization that her hopes may not be what God has planned for her. This is a two-part story of how the birth of an international ministry came at great personal sacrifice. Read part two and find out more about Lynn’s ministry, Women of the Pearl.