Dear Ones,

On Sunday, Feb 21, the first Sunday in Lent, we’re going to take the next step in our lives of worship at St Luke by celebrating two worship services on Sundays.

The 8:30 service, “Living Heritage,” will feature organ-driven, liturgical worship with hymns.

The 11:00 service, “Living Praise,” will feature worship team-driven songs.

There are important reasons for this change: We are beginning to reach our safe seating capacity at the 10:00 service. Our recent worship survey emails reveal us to be a group being patient, but longing to have these two options every Sunday. The more important factor: This development is going to encourage us as we continue to move forward into the purpose our Lord has for our congregation. 

We will identify and share with you the details, once we have them. We do know we will. . . 

  • Have a 45 minute, rather than an hour, worship time for safety purposes, as long as that’s necessary;
  • Continue all the safety precautions we are currently observing, such as the use of masks and safe distancing;
  • Offer education experiences, with times and details to be determined;
  • Celebrate communion using the “communion packets” until we no longer have that need;
  • Offer a short communion service on Sunday for those who prefer not to be in large crowds;
  • Livestream both services
  • Offer education experiences, from 9:45-10:45 am

Our staff, Elders, and SLC will be leading us in this endeavor. We ask for your prayers, your patience, and when you’re invited to be a part of making this happen, your ready and cheerful assistance, using the gifts God has given you to the best of your ability. I am confident we will all do so, and I invite you to thank our Lord with me for the leadership he has given us, “for such a time as this.” -Esther 4:14.

I’m sure there are other questions and a need for details. I invite you to direct them to me, or to the staff, Elders, or SLC member of your choice. 

If there are people in your life who prefer not to use email, you can be of immediate assistance by sharing this with them, in the way you know best.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.'” – Psalm 122:1


Pastor John