First you need to setup your serving availability. To do so, sign into Connect > Click on your name (upper right corner)

Click on “Availability to Serve” from the drop down list.











Click on “Block Out Dates” on the tabs across the top of the page.

Go through the calendar and find the dates you will be out of town, on vacation, have guests in town, etc. Double click on those dates and it will become “unavailable”, meaning no one will be able to schedule you to serve on that date.

Click on “General Availability” on the tabs across the top of the page.











Change your settings to reflect how often you are willing to serve.

The system default is set for 1 time per month.  By changing your availability, this will allow leaders to be able to schedule you as often or as little as YOU would like.

Click on “Scheduling Requests” on the tabs across the top of the page.

If you have been assigned to volunteer on a certain date/area (greeter, usher, nursery worker, etc.), you will receive an automated email notifying you and asking you to “Accept or Decline”.

Once you accept, you will see this screen:







This will stay on under Scheduling Requests until the date as expired. If you need to find a sub because something came up and you can’t serve, Click on “Find a replacement”.










Select all, some or one of the names and the Connect will send them an email to accept or decline.


We are encouraging our leaders to schedule everything (Nursery, Usher, Communion assistant, Greeter, etc.) in Connect.  So don’t wait to update this information, log in now!

The benefits for YOU are:

  1. No double booking! A leader can see if you are already serving in another area and they system will not allow them to schedule you.
  2. Everything is in one place! Once you accept your schedule, it will show up on your “My Calendar” for a quick easy view.  To see how to snyc your My Calendar with your smart phone read this blog.
  3. One location for making updates. Just decided to get out of town…You don’t have to notify multiple people, just log into Connect and update your serving availability, by blocking out those dates.