By Bridget Wolk

I swallowed my earring. I had it in my hand with my vitamins and down it went. Oh great–now what do I do?  So I called the doctor, and he said to go to the emergency room. We don’t want the prong to puncture anything. Ok.

So as Pastor Dan has taught, I look “UP.” “God, can you help me out, please. Let the doctors, nurses, and technicians know what they are doing. It would be nice to have your hedge of protection too. Thank you–I love and appreciate you.”

I asked the doctor if after she retrieves my earring, could I get it back. She giggled and said, ‘If I can get it, you can have it!’

What amazed me is as I was being wheeled down the hallway on the gurney with an earring in my throat a praise and worship song from Church popped into my head. The part that kept repeating itself over and over was, “all will sing out hallelujah, we will cry out hallelujah…”

Wow, I loved it and kept singing it (silently) over and over. That’s when I felt God’s peace.

I got my earring back.

Thank you, God.