Luke 3:1-4 gives very specific information on the leadership in the Roman empire as well as the leaders of the Jews.  By giving us this detailed information we know when and where the ministry of John started.  We can date the exact period of time John (and Jesus, too) lived.   Luke leaves no question that John is a real man living in real time.  The story of John as well as Jesus was no fantasy but the story of salvation that happened in human history.

In Vs. 4 Luke  quotes Isaiah 40 which states the purpose for John’s ministry.  He was called to prepare the way for the messiah, bring a message that makes paths straight, and point to God’s salvation.  He was the voice crying in the wilderness.  We know that people came to hear the prophet.  His message demanded a changed life and challenged people to get ready for the messiah.

We also live in history. We live in our time and know our leaders.  John and Jesus are like us.  Into our world, God does send voices to call us into a relationship with Him. Are we willing to listen to His Word? Are we willing to change when we hear the convicting word?

So, on your Lenten journey, think of those people God has sent into your life.  How have you responded to their faithful word?

Prayer:  Dear God,  We are people living in time and we have history.  Thank you for coming into our human history and giving us the hope of Salvation. In Jesus’ name. Amen