On Monday, August 31, we, the members of the St. Luke community, came together for a voters’ meeting. We would like to thank all who took the time to come to the meeting. There were two agenda items on the ballot: the vote to call a pastor, and a vote upon the proposed changes to the St. Luke by-laws.

The first was to decide to Call one of the two pastoral candidates the community brought forward to serve as the site leader for the Chapel. This vote resulted in extending a Call to Pastor Joel Hess. Please feel free to pray for Pastor Hess and his family, as well as his current congregation.

The second ballot item was to approve the proposed by-law changes. While this ballot item was not voted upon, there was a motion and vote to postpone indefinitely a vote to adopt the changes. This will provide the St. Luke Community time to come together and discuss the changes and what they mean for our community.