by John Sproul 

Dear Ones,

We will begin to worship in our sanctuary again once we’ve received the signal that our State of Michigan has entered “Phase 4” of this time of COVID-19.

We are now in “Phase 3.” For a description of the characteristics of Phase 4, please see The document is changed daily, as the situation changes, so it’s best that you consult the source to be fully aware of what “Phase 4” looks like.

This decision, and a plan for worshiping in our sanctuary again is the result of the research and in-depth discussions of our staff, SLC, and Elders. The plan which will guide us is designed to be refined and adapted as necessary in the rapidly changing situation. Once we reach Phase 4, I will share highlights of the plan through our web site, email, Facebook, and U.S. mail for those without online access.

Our leaders will meet again at that time to determine the date we will begin to worship in our sanctuary. We do not have a date for the first worship service; we have not discussed possible dates, because we don’t know when Phase 4 will begin. If you have heard that there is a date, we’ll call that “prayerful speculation.”

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them with your SLC, staff, and/or Elders. I’m also happy to connect with you about anything: is the best way.

Bless you for your patience, for keeping our leaders in your prayers, and for realizing – and practicing – that worship can and does happen anywhere. We’re all looking forward to gathering together again, and it’s great to know that we actually have been already as “with angels and archangels and with all the company of heaven, we join together to magnify your holy name, forevermore praising you and saying. . .” remember that uplifted moment of our communion liturgy? That’s what we’ve been doing, even as we’ve been worshiping online and as individuals.

Let’s keep it up as we await Phase 4!

Blessings, Pastor John