The celebration was so beautiful and perfect. The gray picture on the screen was how I would describe the path we were on these past 10 months. The weather was literally gray a lot in my eyes, making decisions as time went on was never black or white just sort of gray. Gray is the color of brain cancer. Gray matter. The path was uncertain and took turns and became more difficult with each curve. It was a path I had not been on before. I thank God for overcoming the gray in our lives and giving us His brilliance and light! When the screen turned to color my heart was warmed and I actually smiled! Thanks to all at St. Luke for making such a celebration of promises possible. I want to especially thank Pastor Rossow for his tender care to all of us and all the staff that gave so much to honor Byron at the funeral. Wow!

-Michell Porisch

So many lives have been forever changed in some way by the ministry of Byron Porisch. Take some time to experience some of the memories and impressions he has left on the hearts of those that he loved and that loved him.

Memorial donations may be made to St. Luke Lutheran Church youth mission scholarships fund. Click here to contribute.

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