by Margaret Neblock

“What do you do?” is a question I sometimes struggle to answer. Do I describe what I do in order to pay my bills? What about the volunteer work I do with the church? What about my responsibilities as an elected official? All of these things occupy an ever-changing amount of time in my week, but are they all things I feel called to do?

During Sunday’s sermon, Rich Sheridan described how his professional life has changed by finding passionate joy and making that his vocation. The idea sounds fantastic! Who wouldn’t want to be joyful at work? But, how do know what makes you passionately joyful? Maybe you haven’t found the one thing that makes you not want to count down the minutes to the end of your shift. Perhaps there are a few differing things that hold your attention and you can’t figure out which is the right one to pursue.

I cannot claim to know all the answers to these questions; I’m in the middle of my own vocational search. If I am honest, my job is not my vocation…yet. I look at my current position as an opportunity to learn skills that will lead to something closer to my calling.

If I am honest, my job is not my vocation…yet.

While my search continues, something Rich said keeps returning to my attention: ask the Holy Spirit to move in your workplace. This shouldn’t blow my mind, but it does. It’s a quick prayer said on the drive into work, or even as I walk in the door. What a simple way to consciously make God a part of my day!

There’s no way to anticipate all that the Spirit can do, so I’m required to trust that whatever happens is part of God’s plan for me. The results might not make sense at first and that’s okay. Opening up to the Holy Spirit and seeking direction is the important part.

So, what do I do? Maybe the answer is as simple as I walk with God wherever I am, assembling frames at work, playing nine square with the youth, or running a board meeting. That’s where the joy is; searching for the Holy Spirit in my life.

Who wants to join the hunt? It’s going to be amazing!