by John Sproul

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One in Three Practicing Christians Is Still and Only Attending Their Pre-COVID Church.

Recent data show that, among practicing Christians—those who identify as Christian, agree strongly that faith is very important in their lives and attend church at least monthly (prior to COVID-19)—over half (53%) say they have streamed their regular church online within the past four weeks.

Another 34 percent admits to streaming a different church service online other than their own, essentially “church hopping” digitally.

Finally, about one-third of practicing Christians (32%) says they have done neither of these things. Though some of these churchgoers may be part of the minority of congregations that were still gathering for physical worship during these weeks, we can, for the most part, confidently interpret this group as those who have dropped out of church for the time being.*

If you’re one of the first category and you’re “still and only” worshiping with St. Luke live or online, God bless you, and please share your feedback, desires, and wistful wishes with the appropriate person, so that we can strive for worship that is experienced “in spirit and in truth.” If that’s me, let’s connect at

If you’re one of the second category, and you’re participating in the online worship of another congregation occasionally or steadily in this season, that’s great. I “visit” other congregations all the time. However, if you’re doing so because St. Luke is not meeting your needs/expectations, email me and share with me the “why” and “how” we might begin to do so.

If you’re one of the third category, I want to know how I, our staff, our leaders, and anyone in our congregation can help. You’re starving your faith and depriving yourself of strength, hope, and courage during a season of our lives we desperately need those things that only God through Christ can provide. No one knows what the future might bring, and if you wait until life on Sunday mornings returns to “normal,” you might be so used to your emptiness that you won’t return to worship to be filled. Your faith could die of neglect.

Decide you’re not going to let that happen. You’re invited to worship on Sunday…

Need help figuring it all out? or 314.795.9539.


*Article by the Barna Group (a Christian research enterprise) July 8, 2020. Find it at Barna worship article