Sundays at 9:45 a.m. (Beginning January 15)

  • Sheepfold – Ages 3 through 5th grade meet in the basement class rooms in their assigned rooms.
  • Youth Group – 6th – 12th grade meet in the West Wing


  • Joining Jesus on His Mission – Mike Hasey – Room 101-102

Missional Living is a core mark of discipleship at St. Luke. But why is it important? What does it look like to live missionally in everyday life? What does the Bible say about living missionally? How do I practice this? Does it even matter for my discipleship journey?

Digging deeper into the themes of our January-February sermon series, this class explores what it means to take up the Biblical, missional mindset and practices that put us in position to join Jesus on his redemptive mission everyday. We’ll look at Scripture, reflect on the insights of Rev. Greg Finke in his book Joining Jesus on His Mission, and encourage each other to begin taking small steps toward living intentionally as everyday missionaries.

Hard copies of Joining Jesus on His Mission books will be available for purchase at the lobby welcome desk beginning Sunday, December 11, 2016. The book is also available as an e-book and can be purchased through your favorite e-book distributer. Please consider reading over Christmas!


  • “I Believe” New Member Class – Pastor Rossow – Room 104-105

What would you put on your Top Ten Things You Need to Know as a Follower of Jesus? Different denominations will answer that question in different ways. For Lutheran followers of Jesus, things like Grace Alone, Faith Alone, and Scripture Alone would certainly be on the list. Each of those theological statements is intended to point us to who Jesus is and what He came to do.

To say “I believe,” is to say, “I give my heart to this story that claims me and my story.” But how do we tell that story here at St. Luke? How do we live as people claimed by the story of Jesus?

Every time I walk with people through these foundational teachings of our faith, I learn something new. Whether you are looking to become a new member or would like to take a step to deepen your relationship with Jesus, join us Sunday mornings in January (15, 22, 29) and February (5, 12, 19) for “I Believe.”


  • “I Love You More” Marriage Study – Mike and Judy Maynard – Room 1-2

This 6-week study, based on the book “I Love You More” by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, explores how to make thorns in your marriage come up roses. Take the big and little annoyances in your marriage and use them as opportunities to deepen your marriage and use them as opportunities to deepen your love for each other. Tap into the power of a positive marriage attitude. Part of this marriage study is an optional marriage retreat, Feb. 4 and 5 at Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI.



Tuesdays (Beginning January 17)

  • Financial Peace University – Pastor Flynn – Room 104-105

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a nine-week course that encourages people to look at their finances and move toward financially healthy behaviors.  I have facilitated the course since 2009 and have seen financial peace (including my own household) happen for numbers of peace. It makes no difference if you are married or single, young or old. God grants all of us a certain amount of income to manage and FPU comes alongside individuals and families to support a journey toward financial peace.

Come January 17 for nine straight Tuesdays and begin the journey to financial peace and generous living. Please register in advance at Participation requires purchasing an FPU kit. While you may purchase the kit when registering online ($93 plus shipping), I do have a few kits to sell for $85.  Talk to me if you wish to purchase a one of these kits.  The kit gives you the materials and access to FPU’s web site to support your journey to financial peace. I’m looking forward to having you join me on this 9-week walk