By Elizabeth R.

Confirmation Class of 2015

My confirmation verse is Psalm 23:4 –

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me.

I chose this verse because of all the death in my family lately. My Oma, who was my Great Grandma, died on the first Christmas Eve right when we moved to Michigan. My Grandpa died a year and half later. Great Grandpa, or Opa as we called him, died this past Christmas. Johanna, who was a distant relative; Uncle Art, who was my Great, Great Uncle; and Aunt Marilyn, who was my Great, Great Aunt have also passed away since then.

It seems like people who I would not know, but I spent many Christmas’s and Thanksgivings with them, and knew them well.

I have been saying Psalm 23 when I was afraid for a long, long time. When all this death hit, I kept saying it over and over, funeral after funeral. The verse was a comfort in this last year, and always will be a comfort when times of death and trouble hit.

My verse comforts me because it tells me that someone who has experienced death and conquered it is by me. Knowing that God, Jesus, is with me is a comfort because He is all powerful and can protect me from death.

For my confirmation image, I chose a dark chasm with tall call cliffs on each side.  You can’t see the end of it. At the mouth of the chasm is Jesus taking the hand of a little child to guide her through it.

I chose this image because I felt that it captured the essence of what Psalm 23: 4 says to me. I love how the image shows Jesus inviting the young child to hold His hand as they walk into the dark valley, the shadow of death.

It comforts me to know I don’t have to walk into the darkness alone. Jesus is offering to help, comfort, and to be with me. I can take His hand when I am afraid.

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