Dear Ones,

Did you remember to read, reflect, and pray last Sunday using the Advent devotions, “Child of Promise” which we’re experiencing together as a congregation? If that got past you in the business of this past holiday weekend, not to worry: I encourage you and yours to get into the good habit of using this resource every day of Advent; start today if you haven’t already.

  • Our Advent worship this Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in our sanctuary will be based on that day’s reading in our “Child of Promise” devotion. Remember to read and ponder the questions for reflection at the bottom of each page in the devotion. Today, and for the next three weeks, I’ll be adding a few questions which I hope will take us deeper into God’s Word.
  • Read, think, share, and pray using these questions before we meet for worship on Wednesdays;
  • If you’re a home group leader, consider using these Wednesday devotions for your tie in the Word during Advent;
  • Have your devotional booklet, your pdf, or your browser open to the devotion if you’re with us in worship online.
  • Need the devotion? Go here: Download the PDF version. There are additional paper copies of the devotion at our Welcome Center for you to pick up.

Read the devotional on Gen. 28:14 for Wednesday, December 1 using your paper copy or the attached pdf, and find these questions…

  • Are you like your family or ancestors? If so, how?
  • As Abraham’s offspring, Jesus is related to the whole human race. What does it mean to you, to think of Jesus as your relative?
  • Why do you think God wanted Jesus to be a relative of yours and not just a stranger – an angel, for instance?
  • My additions:
    • If you know or suspect you have some shady characters in your family tree, you’ll feel better knowing that Jesus shared that experience with you. Find out more on BibleGateway, and bring your questions with you this Wednesday.
    • Another addition from me: See Mt. 12:46-50. Jesus, like all of us, had a biological family tree; who are the members of his spiritual family tree?

I hope to see you live or online this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. as we sing our favorite Christmas carols and take a break from the business to be together with the “Child of Promise,” Jesus.